Build a better Bookshelf

I happen to use OneNote a lot recently, mainly for storing my handwritten notes thanks to the pretty accurate OCR feature.

Then I realize, there's also a great usage of OCR in OneNote other than just saving notes, it's: building an electronic index for all of your physical book.


For me, I use Office Lens on my phone and OneNote for OCR. But it's okay to use Scannable/Evernote, and their OCR is well enough to recognize printed texts.

OK, but why?

Every time I tried to look up something, I have to search the index page and table of contents manually. Page by page, for every book on your bookshelf, such a PITA. Are you not believe me? Let's say you have five algorithms books, and you want to find out which book as a definition about k-d tree. Can you feel the pain?

Here's how I look it up:


Just half a second and I know I should open The Algorithm Design Manual book, and go to page 581 to read about k-d tree.

And the search result is limited to just my books, not the whole internet, that's the point of scanning instead of Googling.

I feel more confident to buy more books and throw them at my bookshelf now :P

This post originallly sketched by hand.

Author: Huy Tran

Created: 2020-02-08 Sat 19:05